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Coco has been adopted!

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This handsome little guy is Coco.  He is a happy guy that enjoys playing with his toys and giving kisses to his foster family.
Coco has been with his foster family for a week now and he is doing excellent on a leash with a harness.  He enjoys the walks throughout the neighbourhood; however he can startle easily with too much action around him.  He has learned to stay by his human’s side when we approach other people or someone on a bike and this helps him peacefully walk along beside you.  He is crated trained during the day when his foster family is out and is as quiet as a mouse.  It seems he is house trained as he has not had any accidents in the house since his arrival.

He is timid with humans (more so men) at first but warms up nicely and is super sweet and playful once he feels comfortable around you.  The movements of children make Coco nervous.  He will bark, and act defensive, and try to run away.  He would do best in a home with no small children.

Coco is always polite when there is food around.  He will sit nicely for treats and while his foster mom gets his meals ready.  During family dinners, he never begs or jumps up towards the table for food.  He has not shown any interest in chewing on anything in his foster home except his toys and a large dog bone (which he carries around the house with him).  He is even willing to trade his bone or any toy for some snuggles.

He is young and still has some puppy characteristics to work on; such as when excited he will nip in play.  Obedience classes are a must for Coco   He has a good appetite which will help with obedience training and understands the command ‘sit’ to receive a treat.  He is currently on a grain free diet and loves cut up vegetables as a treat.  He also enjoys car rides.

Coco sleeps through the night in the master bedroom on his foster parent’s bed.  He loves his sleep and is never ready to get up when the alarm goes off.  Coco does not need a backyard as he is happy to do his business outside on a walk.  He has had exposure to another small female dog (his age and size) and loves to play and run with her; however, he does not need another dog in his forever home as he enjoys all of the attention himself.


Coco was lovingly fostered by Robin