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Meet Clyde. He is an extra large lab mix, black in colour with just a touch of white for some mystery. He is super well behaved. Housetrained. Knows his basic commands. Walks well on a leash. What more could you ask for?

Clyde gets along well with other dogs and will tolerate cats. Because of his size, he would do better in a home without small dogs or children that he could unintentionally hurt. When he gets excited or playful, he is pushing a lot bf weight around and he doesn’t always know how that will  turn out. Graceful is not a word you would use to describe this beautiful guy.

He was recently neutered. His teeth are clean but he has a few that are chipped or worn down. They are not causing him any discomfort. He now gets good things to chew on so this won’t get worse. He has some arthritis in his hips which makes him a bit stiff when he gets up. Otherwise he does just fine. He really enjoys going for walks or even a light jog if that’s what you like. He will be maintained on a natural remedy to keep him limber and comfortable.

He is not an outside dog. He likes to cuddle beside you on the couch. He wants to have a soft bed beside you at night. He has been  very unfortunate in his life so we want to find him  the best possible home now. He wants to be loved and be part of the family. He does get anxious when he is left behind. Can you help him learn that you will come back when you leave? Clyde is a fantastic dog. If you love him and treat him with respect, you will get back so much in return.


Click here for a video of Clyde in action!

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