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Clyde has been adopted!

Sponsored by the Nesbitt family in loving memory of our Zia Camilla and Lady, her beautiful Irish Setter.



Clyde is the most down-to-earth, loving, happy, goofy foster doggo. He’s one of the good old boys. He’s the laid back, let me love you down, affectionate, kind of dog. Ladies, this man has a lot of himself to give. He’s loyal, trusting, always wants to know what you’re up to and wants to be included in the fun. Always! Clyde’s a good boy so even when the love of his life has left the home, he’s pretty independent. No need to worry, he knows the hand that feeds him (and pets him) will soon be home to provide kisses.

Clyde and his crate. He digs his own space. It’s his and his alone. His personal space is the palace of crates. It’s filled with big fluffy blankets and a mini bar (food and water only…. He’s still underage!). Clyde enjoys all of his meals and treats in his crate and late at night when he’s done with the household shenanigans, he will tuck himself into bed and that’s where he stays until morning arrives along with breakfast in bed. He’s treated like a king around here!

Clyde is not a complex guy. Steady meals, lost of affection and regular exercise will steal his heart. He loves every human and dog he has crossed paths with. Friendly and honestly just wants to be loved. The type to seek is handler’s approval. Like most young, mannerless, males he can be a bit bossy at times. A decent amount of time, effort, consistency, with a dash of maturity will whip this obedient boy into one of the best dogs ever. Take it from me, whomever adopts this pretty awesome foster pup has won the rescue lottery.

There are some things that Clyde loves (mostly affection) and some quirks that make him who he is. Clyde is pretty sporty. He loves a good game of fetch or an evening zooming around the backyard with his playmates. Clyde enjoys his walk, the longer the better. Whether it be around the local neighborhoods, through open fields or hitting the hiking trails. Clyde even enjoys being in water. He loves the outdoor life, even if it’s just sitting on the patio with his handler. A quirk: he knows when his walks are turning towards home. He does this cutest little protest by slowing right down to a dead stop when he’s not done exploring.

Clyde lives in a foster home with other dogs much smaller than him and he seems to be cool with the idea for the most part. He has his own space and the other pups respect it. Another quirk: Clyde can be a bit greedy. In his defense, when he arrived just skin and bones it was clear he came from a life of having nothing. So when he started getting goodies galore he became protective. Always willing to share with his handler but requires distance from the other dogs when food is included. This is where the glorious palace of a crate comes in handy.

I can’t say enough good things about Clyde. Having him in your home will guarantee you a smile and hearty laugh every day. He’s goofiness will light up your life. The key to his heart is affection and lots of it. He needs to feel safe. He’s the kind of dog that will understand and respect correcting commands and still love you the very next minute. He’s a gentle soul who deserves a world of love.

Clyde is a fairly healthy boy. He does need to gain weight, develop muscles. He is also receiving treatment for a gastrointestinal infection at this time. Clyde is currently accepting applications while he is being rehabilitated however, the adoption will not be finalized until he has overcome his health issues over the next few weeks.

Clyde was lovingly fostered by Jennifer G.