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Clover has been adopted!

Sponsored by Riley M., who wanted to sponsor a dog in honour of his birthday . Happy 9th Birthday Riley!


Greetings everyone
Clover is looking for her forever home!
She is a 6.5 week old Northern Mixed Breed, weighing approximately 6 lbs.  There is no way to know exactly what her size will be however she will mostly likely be a mid size dog  around 50 pounds.
Clover is an adventurous girl who enjoys playing but equally loves to be with her people.  She is quite confident and enjoys exploring her surroundings.  Clover is crated in the foster mom’s office with a  blanket over the crate.  She will cry loudly for a short time when first left or if she hears the foster mom but settles quickly.
Clover enjoys playing with her Kong and just about anything she can.  She also enjoys playing with her sister.  She is learning her name as well as coming when queued.  She’s learning that cats are not play toys that she can bite down on.  Our cat is very relaxed and does not retaliate, just moves away from her.  I’m not sure how she would react to a nervous or angry cat.  She will need redirection in regards to chewing and be taught what is ok to chew with her sharp little puppy teeth.
Clover goes outside to do her business however still has accidents in the foster home. She sleeps through the night but still has the odd accident in her crate, but she is still very young.  Her energy level is low to medium however this could change as she gets older and more confident.

Lovingly fostered by Odette