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Clarice is adopted

Clarice / Female / Lab Hound Mix / 3- 5 Years old / 42 pounds/ Adoption Fee is $400.00

Clarice’s pull fee has been sponsored on behalf of Odysseus and Penelope (hounds helping hounds)

We know nothing of Clarice’s past, but given her cropped tail and scars it must have been a rough start for her. She is a sweet dog with sad loving eyes and is ready to put her past behind her.

With her hound nose and curiosity she explored every room in her new foster home but has been quick to learn that just because it is at nose level doesn’t mean it is hers to have. She has not been taught any basic commands and we feel she is just beginning to recognize her name.

Clarice is well mannered and has been a quiet dog for the most part. She does bark at squirrels in her backyard but does not bark for long periods. We crate her for now when we leave the house and she waits patiently till we get home.

Clarice looks forward to her multiple daily walks. She walks well on leash and loves to enjoy all the different smells the outdoors has to offer. In other words our walks now take a bit longer. She is not hesitant to go up to people we meet during our walks to get a pet. She lets us groom her and after a walk in the rain she waits to be dried off and her feet wiped, of course she gets a treat for her patience. She gets along well with the resident dog, Molly, and tries to get her to play, but Clarice knows when to give up.

Clarice has shown us that thunder storms stress her and she shakes until they pass. Clarice is becoming more comfortable each day and the more comfortable Clarice is getting the more she comes to us for rubs and kisses.

We think Clarice will do well in a home that has the love to give her and understands to move slowly with her at the beginning. She has met young children during our walks but as there were too many of them coming towards her she just backed off a bit but showed no signs of aggression.

For more information on Clarice, please contact her foster mom Susan at

Please note that while we continue to get to know each of our dogs, their biographies will be updated with additional information, so make sure to check back once in a while!