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Clarice has been adopted!

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Welcome to Canada sweet Clarice!

Clarice is a two year old beautiful beagle mix from Kentucky in search of her forever family. She is a mix of spunk, intelligence, heartfelt love, and so much more. Little is known about her previous life experiences, but none of that matters. She is currently in safe loving foster care with a bright future ahead. For quite some time Clarice was timid and confused as to what was going to happen next. After the trauma of being bustled around from here to there, who can blame her? Well she has come a long way.

Clarice is living with another dog in her foster home. Her fur bud is a male beagle(Brody), and it took some effort on all parts to integrate her into the new surroundings. She is playful with him and they even snuggle together on occasion. However, she can be territorial and competes for attention, sometimes to the point of trying to bully out her fur bud. Perhaps it’s a result of being neglected. She does have abandonment issues. We are working on training strategies and discipline in that area. She needs to understand that she is not the queen bee. There are plenty of toys, treats and love to go around. We share in this family and no one will be left out.

The housetraining has been challenging. Clarice will need to be in a home where she has a consistent schedule, with regular meal times and many outdoor opportunities to do her business so she can learn. Clarice has run of the house and has not done anything destructive when her foster mom is out. Just the typical doggie stuff sometimes, like finding a smelly sock , but nothing serious like tearing up a pillow or ripping apart a baseboard, or eating a laptop. She does get boisterous when meeting new people and other dogs. Once Clairice socializes and gets a meet and greet with others, comfortable and trusting, she is such a playful girl with others. With cats it’s unsure. A family with children would work for Clarice, if everyone is mature enough and dog experienced to understand the significance of adopting a rescue.

She loves bouncing around in the yard and is intrigued by any nature around. She does have the hound in her! Prey driven and crafty. A yard would be choice for her. It must be secure. Clarice would be happy in a small community where there is low key action.

Clarice does know some basic commands. She will sit, stay, and come when called (sometimes reluctantly). She likes to play ball, enjoys the snow and is good on a leash. If she can learn all that in a short period of time, she has the tenacity to keep going.

Clarice is a love muffin with so much potential.