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Clarence has been adopted!

Sponsored by Rachelle, in honour of her dog Bridgette. Bridgette says she is grateful for all that Save Me Dog Rescue does.


Clarence, is a love bug, loves having his tummy rubbed, loves to cuddle and is very gentle. He is also very smart, walks on a leash well and is very good about eating, doesn’t go after the other dogs’ food and eats from his dish with no problem. He is not a glutton and shares nicely. I think you will love this little guy. He has settled in very well, gets along well with my girls and doesn’t have an aggressive bone in his body. He does NOT like to be in a crate and sleeps well in his bed at the bottom of my bed. He would love to be on my bed but my dog, Ily isn’t having it. Very placid nature doesn’t chase squirrels, just looks at them, other dogs garner a look but that is about it so far. Very friendly with people, just wants to be hugged and petted.

He is partially house trained and goes to the door to be let out. He will walk around a lot if he has to go and you don’t see him at the door. Should not be too hard to fully train him. He’s a lovely dog.



Clarence was lovingly fostered by Dorothea