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Clara has been adopted

Sponsored in memory of Tig-Gerrr an alumni of Save Me Rescue and our Akita, Sidi who passed away last weekend.



Clara came to foster from a puppy mill. She is a very shy and scared little girl. She has been in foster care for a few weeks and you can see the difference in her already. She will now let you pet her, her tail is always wagging and she seems happy. Clara will need to go to a home with another dog, so that she can continue to “learn” how to be a dog.

Clara is not crated when her foster parents leave the house. She will chew on some things she finds, but is not destructive. Clara does well in the car once you get her in. She is still nervous of a harness and leash, but once she trusts you, she will follow you.

She is a good eater and loves her treats. She eats with all her foster brothers and sisters and has no issues. Clara will also need to go to someone with a fenced in yard, as she may run if scared. Clara needs a family that has the time and patience to continue to help her learn and progress.

Clara has not been around young children, so it would be best if any kids in the house were older. Clara likes to snuggle with her foster dad in bed. But at night, usually sleeps on her own bed. She seems to prefer men to women, in that it takes her longer to trust women. Clara has also discovered her voice. she will bark a little when someone comes to the door, or if she hears the neighbors’ dogs outside. Clara wants to trust and wants to be loved.  She is just afraid to as she has not had people in her past she could trust. So she will need some time to settle in and allow you to approach her. Do you think you could provide Clara with the home she deserves??

Clara was lovingly fostered by Carey