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Clancy has been adopted!

Clancy is being sponsored by Amy and Daneen in honour of their Save Me rescue, Bear. 


Clancy’s sweet face and gentle eyes just melt your heart. She wants to be with you and will follow you where ever you go.  She loves to sleep in the bed at night, snuggled right up to you. I often wake up and she is laying beside me with her head on the pillow.  I know what your thinking, but don’t worry, she had 10 teeth pulled when she first came into foster care, and she does Not have stinky breath!

She is very bright and learns quickly. She already knows sit, down and wait.  Sometimes she will sit before you put her meals down, but it’s hard to interrupt her dancing.

She is Interested in everything and loves her walks.  She has can walk longer distances and even enjoys some running but is cool to just chill on the couch too. She is always eager to meet new people, She feels everyone should have the pleasure of giving her a pat or two.

As Clancy is getting more comfortable in her foster home she is coming out of her shell more and more. She now loves to grab her toys and run around the house when she is excited and happy. At times she will sit and chew a Nyla bone too. She can possessive of her toys with other dogs but her people can take toys away with no issue. Ultimately Clancy would like to be the only dog, even the only pet in the home. She just wants all of the love and snuggles for herself.

Clancy is fully house trained and is trustworthy to be free in the house while you are away. She tends to just sit in the front window watching for you to come home or sleeps on the couch. She is a bit of an anxious girl and does not like to be left on her own for long periods of time. She would do best in a home where she would not be on her own a full 8 hrs a day.

Most of the time Clancy is looking for a lap to sit in and hands to pet her. She is good with older children and is a happy to snuggle in their laps too.

Clancy is a little gem that will bring a whole lot of love to her new home. Will it be yours?


Clancy was lovingly fostered by Andrea