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Clancy has been adopted!

Sponsored by Toba, in honour of Toby, Riley and Penny. Every furbaby deserves a loving home and happiness



Meet Clancy!

This sweet old gent has the spirit of a puppy and at 8 years young, he is ready to find his forever family. Clancy travelled all the way from Tennessee and we’re so happy he’s here because he deserves to be found.

Clancy is adored by everyone he meets. His gentle demeanor, long floppy ears and big soulful eyes pull you right in.

Chin scratch?

Yes, please. He will happily let you do that all day long.

Clancy has such a desire to be part of the family and gets along with everyone including his two young human-foster brothers and two cats. He is a very happy and easygoing guy which is part of his charm. At 60 lbs Clancy is one big love bug who loves to be with his people.

Clancy loves to eat and was most likely a chef in another life. He wants to know everything you are doing in the kitchen and his hound nose leads the way. However, he is learning to love his dry dog food and currently gets a scoop of canned food to sweeten the deal which he happily gobbles up. When it’s dinner time, Clancy gallops like a pony with great excitement!

Clancy is always ready to romp in the backyard and gets a spring in his step when he knows it’s time to go outside. He is excellent walking on a leash and likes to go at nice leisurely pace. After a big walk, he tucks right on to his pillow and can be heard snoring away.

Clancy was a little stiff in his back legs when he arrived which is likely due to a bit of arthritis. To help him feel more comfortable his foster family started him on anti-inflammatories which have helped. But even before he started on the anti-inflammatories nothing could stop this boy from being ready to play – once he was up and moving, he was romping in the grass and running around with his human foster brothers.

Clancy spent over 3 months in the shelter in Tennessee and came into rescue very itchy. He is currently receiving a medication called Apoquel that has soothed the itchiness, so he’s feeling much more comfortable. We don’t know if this will be an ongoing issue or was a result of shelter life. Some dogs have seasonal allergies and may need medication part of the year or some dogs all year. It’s hard to be able to predict – but we know that the anti-inflammatories and anti-itch medication is helping him to feel better, allowing his wonderful personality to shine.

Clancy’s playful side is really starting to come out and he can be found running away with stuffies, hoping you’ll chase him to get them back. He also enjoys playing with the cat’s feather dancer. He fit right in with his two cat brothers trying to catch the feather. He showed little awareness that he was the biggest player and when he caught it, he happily walked away with his catch, feeling victorious.

Clancy is housetrained but his foster family realized that Clancy does not like to go outside to use the bathroom in the rain. On rainy days, Clancy needed a little encouragement down the first few steps and begrudgingly wet his paws in order to do his business outside.

Clancy is very quiet for a hound. He keeps his barks for communicating with you. We hear it when we are not moving fast enough preparing his dinner in the kitchen or when he’s waiting patiently at the back gate for us to catch up and start our walk. He’s a mostly a quiet boy.

In a matter of days Clancy has brought so much love, joy and laughter to his foster family at a time when everyone needs a little more of that in their life. He is a charmer, full of character and has a tremendous amount of love to share with the family who wants to do the same for him.

Clancy was lovingly fostered by Mandy