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Cinnamon is adopted

Sponsored by Riley M., Young Riley has saved his money again and is helping another dog in need. Bless you Riley!

After loosing her family after they moved from Texas to Kentucky, because their new accommodations wouldn’t accept a dog of her size, Cinnamon is looking for a family that she can feel bonded and secure with once again.
She has gone through a huge and difficult transition and is enjoying some down time with her foster family. She is slowly learning to relax and is warming up to as much praise and petting that she can get.
She is nicely house trained, enjoys her walks and sleeps well through the night. Not much of a barker thus far, mostly when she wants back inside.
After cautious and controlled introduction to the dogs in the foster home, she is now getting along well and is enjoying some active play time.
She is not recommended for a house with cats as she is too interested in them. She likes to stalk and charge, but does back off when scolded. We are not sure how she might be with them on a long term basis.
There are no kids in her foster home, but we have been told she is good with kids. We just haven’t had the opportunity to see her behaviour around them.
She needs to have a proper diet for an overweight dog and lots of walks. She has great potential to be a loyal and loving dog, just needs a bit of time to figure her new life out.


For more information on Cinnamon, please contact her foster mom Fran at