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Chuck has been adopted!

Sponsored in celebration of Blue’s birthday by his human sisters.



How does someone spell transformation?  C.H.U.C.K!!!
This very very scared boy arrived into Canada three weeks ago.  When I had the pleasure of first meeting Chuck, I could not believe how frightened he was of everything and everyone.  Chuck sat quietly watching everyone go about their day and preferred to have no attention from anyone.  He was terrified of our hands and spent the first night sleeping in the back of our closet.  The very next day there was a new brightness to Chuck‘s eyes and he wanted to be nearer to us all.  He was hesitant to go on a walk, and constantly looked for direction from his two foster siblings to know what to do next.  He did lots of nervous peeing and spent most of his time cowering when we approached seemingly not certain what was coming his way.  He was not a fan of steps and took some time to master going up and down.
Anyone notice the description given is all in the past?

Today, a mere three weeks after arriving into our home, Chuck is a new dog!  Chuck loves everyone in our home, (two teenage boys, two dogs, and two cats and of course his foster Mom and Dad).  He is such a happy dog, loves to eat and loves to gently take treats all day long!.  He loves his time outside, and is trusted to come when called.  He adores attention, neck butt and chin scratches, ear and back rubs and loves to be the center of attention.  He is wonderful to take on walks and waits patiently for a leash to be attached to his collar.  He runs to the door to greet us and will stand up on his hind legs to get closer to getting the first pat on his head.  Chuck now chooses to sleep on our bed, sometimes under all the covers and sleeps soundly until he hears or feels someone stir and then bam, it’s a new day!  Chuck loves his foster siblings…and they love him…often found cuddling on the mat or in the big dog bed.  He willingly shares eating time and just follows his siblings when chasing our cats.  He has been given full run of our home, never ever was he crated and he does just wonderful.

I know Chuck‘s transformation is still a work-in-progress, he is fearful when picked up, (unless you a putting him on the bed) and does not willingly come sit on our lap.  (sits beside but hasn’t stepped on).  He does still pee a little when he is triggered by a quick movement directly toward him and is not a fan of getting his belly rubbed. (he cries when we rub his tummy).

Chuck has not been treated well for the first chapter of his life.  Together we have turned the page, and he is loving life.  He now has put trust in humans that he will not be hit or yelled at.  He is truly a wonderful dog that only deserves the best home and happy ever after.
Who would love to continue with Chuck‘s transformation, the best is yet to come!

Chuck was lovingly fostered by Brenda