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Chubs has been adopted!



Shortly after Chubbs arrived into rescue he experienced a cluster of seizures which has resulted in a diagnosis of epilepsy. Although Chubbs is being treated with medication he has continued to experience cluster seizures and each episode has necessitated hospitalization and IV Valium to stop the episodes. Chubbs goes a number of weeks between episodes and his epilepsy has a definite pattern to it and he does experience some post episode behaviours that take a number of days to rectify. A recent change in his medication dose does seem to be having a beneficial effect and we are keeping our collective fingers crossed that the episodes will become fewer and farther between.
Chubbs has very devoted foster parents who have lovingly seen him through these very hard days and nights. They have fallen in love with this little man and we all agree that it is in Chubbs best interest to remain in this home where he feels loved and safe and secure.