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Christopher and Robin

Christopher and Robin have been adopted!

Sponsored in memory of Chandra



Christopher and Robin are the perfect mix of calm and playful. They are comfortable in new situations. They are easy-going and social, and play well with our medium dogs and each other. They would do best with a large fenced yard.

Christopher is more submissive and Robin is more dominant.

These puppies came from the reserves in northern Ontario near James Bay, so up to this point have had very little training and everything is brand new to them. We will spend time learning house training and crate training, as well as walking on a leash. They have been sleeping in their crate overnight without much noise, however once they are separated they will need retraining.

They will have their first vaccinations mid December.

As typical with puppies, they don’t like to be alone. When we leave the house or room or crate them during the day the puppies exhibit signs of barking and whining for us to come back before settling down nicely. As they are puppies they mouth everything! We are teaching them to only chew their toys.

They love to play with toys and eat. They are high energy puppies. They need lots of love and attention and will require training. It is highly recommended that they attend puppy classes to learn basic skills and socializing. Untrained large breed puppies, become a handful later one if they do not know what is expected of them both in behavior and social skills with other dogs.

Christopher and Robin were lovingly fostered by Shari.