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Choupette has been adopted!

Sponsored in honour of all the volunteers at Save Me Dog Rescue, thank you.


My name is Choupette, I’m a 9-year-old Yorkshire Terrier mix and I’m a very happy girl. I can be a bit shy but I warm up fast and I’m very social with humans. I’m mostly a quiet girl, not very vocal at all. When I first arrived in foster, sometimes I would bark when someone knocked at the door, but my bark isn’t very loud. After being here a couple weeks, I’ve stopped barking, because I’ve learned there is no danger. Though I might bark at the TV if I hear another dog in there. I’m great with other dogs, and don’t mind the neighborhood cats when we see them on our walks. I don’t really try to play with the other dogs, but I’m happy to share my space with them. I’ve met two children who were 8 and 4 years old. I liked them both, but the 4-year-old spooked me when he ran around so I tried to chase him a few times. It’s probably best that I don’t live with any younger children.

I enjoy going for walks, but sometimes I don’t want to go very far. If the walk is too long, I’ll stop walking and you’ll have to carry me. I’m overweight and do need encouraging to get outside and walk further distances. My favourite part of walks is stopping at every tree and lamp post to sniff all the wonderful smells. Keep an eye on me when I take breaks because my other favourite thing to do is roll around on my back in the grass. You’ll be happy to know that I’m ok with getting baths too. I’m small enough that I can have baths in the kitchen sink. I won’t try too hard to jump out. After my baths I love being wrapped up in a warm blanket and snuggled while I’m patted dry. I also really love being brushed. I’m pretty easy to work on. I don’t love my nails being trimmed, but I’ll let you do it if you keep trying. I get multiple daily eyedrop medications, and I’ve gotten used to receiving them. Sometimes I get a treat right after, so I always sit pretty and let you put them in. My eyes get a bit crusty, so I appreciate when I have them cleaned with a warm, damp cloth every couple days.

Although I’m very social, I’m also content laying around by myself. I won’t force myself onto your lap all day. I get hot and will go wander to the other side of the couch to get my own space, or I’ll use my doggie stairs to go lay on the cold floor. But I’ll come visit you often for pets and belly rubs. I happily sleep in my own bed, so you don’t have to share yours with me. I like to paw and play with my humans, it’s fun to dance around and chase each other. I usually give up first, by rolling on my back for belly rubs. When you stop rubbing my belly, I’ll keep laying there, waiting for more. I’m very patient! If you’re ever going out, I love riding in the car. I have a harness and car seat and I just curl up in my blankets and go to sleep.

When I arrived in foster, I came with several health issues that needed to be sorted out. I have dry eyes and trouble producing tears, so I get two medications to help me with that. I’ve been on them steadily and it has helped a lot. I’m much more comfortable now. I should be on these drops for life, to keep my eyes in great shape. As mentioned I am overweight and arrived with an insatiable appetite, as well as excessive thirst. I was previously trained to use pee pads, and due to my excessive water drinking I still needed to use the pads for the first couple weeks in foster. Good news though, I’ve learned to hold it until I get outside, and no longer use the pads except for surprise emergencies. I’ve been eating a healthy diet and have visited the vet multiple times for some testing. It’s believed I have diabetes insipidus, so I have started new medication to treat it. The vet wants to see me regularly to follow up on my progress and do additional tests, so that’s why I’m listed as In Rehab. My appetite is already evening out, and I’m drinking less water than when I arrived. I’m great on a routine, and aside from the medications I’m very low maintenance. I love my dog food and eat my meals as soon as they’re served.

Choupette’s foster dad has officially foster failed and adopted Choupette. We couldn’t be happier for them both.