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Chloe has been adopted!

Sponsored by Glenn in loving memory of his sweet pup Eddy



Meet Miss Chloe, a super sweet southern belle from Kentucky!  She’s a beautiful senior yellow lab with a frosted blonde face and lovely long legs.  Chloe has spent some time resting up and is now ready for her forever family!

Chloe is fully house trained.  She would love a fenced yard so she can wander at her leisure and enjoy the sunshine.  Chloe is happy to nap while you’re away from the house and is not destructive when left alone.  She rarely barks.  She travels well in the car, and has been a joy to take around town as she makes friends wherever she goes!  A typical lab, Chloe is not a fussy eater and has a great appetite.

Chloe is wonderful on leash and loves her daily walks.  She was on an anti-inflammatory for her first few weeks in foster care because she was stiff and sore, but she is doing much better now and has more pep in her step.  A home with no more than a few stairs would be preferable though as she’s sometimes a bit wobbly climbing the steps.  Carpeted floors or area rugs will help Chloe move around the house a bit easier.

At some point, Chloe unfortunately picked up two tick-borne diseases.  She tested positive at the shelter for ehrlichia and a slight positive for anaplasmosis.  The treatment for these is a course of antibiotics which she has completed.

Chloe is respectful with other dogs, both big and small, and would benefit from the company of another calm dog in the house.  Chloe shows her playful side with us and her foster dog siblings and we’ve discovered she LOVES the water and playing with the hose.  This beautiful girl is looking for a quiet forever home where she will be loved and cherished as she so deserves. In exchange, she offers her unconditional love and sunny personality!



Chloe was lovingly fostered by Rachel.