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Chloe has been adopted!

Sponsored in memory of our sweet Riley girl by Susan Corsaut & family


Meet GORGEOUS pup Chloe!!

This 8 month old girl is a very happy and very playful pup! She definitely has some energy to her and LOVES to play outside, she would do well in a home with another dog to play with. She gets along amazingly with all of her foster brothers and sisters of all sizes and temperaments. She has not been cat tested but does well with her 5 lb Chihuahua fosters.

She is very affectionate and would be an amazing family pet. Because she still is a pup and does have energy to her, she would definitely benefit from basic obedience training. So far she hasnt had any accidents in the house and does well in her crate. Her shedding is moderate and brushing her regularly will help minimize shedding.

Chloe was lovingly fostered by Paulina