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Chloe has been adopted!

Sponsored by Sean, Jenny & Rosie, in honour of their Save Me Alumni pups: Allie & Gracie


This young lady is a diamond in the rough.  She’s sweet and loves everyone. However, it doesn’t seem that anyone has really taken the time to teach her anything. One of the main reasons for dogs being dumped into shelters is lack of training, which is really sad as most dogs love to please their humans and want to learn.
She seems to  be house trained, no accidents but she is let out fairly often. She is crate trained but does bark for a bit to see if you’ll come back and let her out. So an apartment or condo wouldn’t be ideal at this point. She sleeps through the night as well.
She loves her toys, but squeaker toys over stimulate her. She is destructive with her toys, but she has so much fun with them, it’s worth it to buy her some cheap ones to have fun with. She would otherwise benefit from the heavy duty ones and chew toys. She doesn’t yet understand the concept of letting go of toys, but with treat rewards she will drop it and you can play a good game of fetch with her.
Leash skills need work, simply seems as though she’s not had much experience on one. That will need work, but she’s a smart cookie, she’ll get it. She would not be great for conservation area walks as her urge to chase squirrels and bunnies distracts her from the task at hand. She’s so active and nosy, if it runs, she’ll chase it. So a fenced yard is important.
Chloe would benefit from a home that has some positive based training knowledge as well as a calm environment.  At this point, she’s a little rough to be putting with small kids. Not temperament, but but simply not knowing any better. She would do best with other dogs her size or larger because she loves to play and wrestle. Her idea match would be another dog with higher energy to match hers, or they will become annoyed with her zest for life.
Chloe appears to have some sort of damage to her right ear. Her left ear is a typical pug ear, but her right ear is a sliver of the size. Maybe a birth defect or an old injury. Since she was a stray, we’ll never know for sure what happened, but she also has strange scaring near her right ear. Regardless, it adds to her uniqueness and her beauty.

Loving fostered by Colleen