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Chip has been adopted!

Chip is sponsored in memory of sweet Annie Brown with condolences and hugs to April from Roz



Chip is a great little guy. His favourite thing to do, is to be with his human. He would make a great companion dog. He likes to sleep in his humans bed, nice and close. Chip LOVES to give kisses!

He is very low key, low maintenance and has adjusted to his foster home very quickly. He is a friendly, happy little guy. He is not a barker, unless someone comes to the door. He does not nip or growl at all like some chihuahuas can.

He has not been around children yet, but I think he would do well around older children.

He currently lives with other dogs his size and does well. Chip did mark when he first came to his foster home, but is learning to go outside ! He will do circles for you after he comes in from outside.

He has a cute face and a loving personality!

Chip was lovingly fostered by Carey