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Chip has been adopted!

Sponsored by Roxanne Morin


Chip is a fun-loving, sweet dog who likes to play and cuddle. He is very curious and eager to please. He knows his name and comes when called (mostly!) and also knows how to sit. He is crate-trained and house-trained although had a few accidents in the first 3 days he arrived until we established a routine. Chip loves cuddling so is looking for a home that allows him on the couch so he can properly snuggle up to you. He would love to snuggle you at nighttime as well but is also content to sleep in his own bed at night if you prefer.

Chip hasn’t been left alone too much since being here but when he has been, he goes into his crate with no hesitation and is quiet until he hears you pull in the driveway or put keys in the doorknob. His energy level is moderate. He LOVES going on walks and playing with toys but is also up for a healthy dose of napping throughout the day. He’s generally a pretty quiet little guy and doesn’t bark much except if someone comes to the door or he hears/sees another dog outside, and when I’m getting his food ready – out of excitement as he loves to eat. He has been extremely friendly to other adult family members he has met in their homes as well as in ours. He loves riding in cars and he does shed.

Chip is leery of small children and will growl to let you know that he is feeling unsafe should they get too close. This must be respected and only homes with no children or those with older children who are dog-savvy will be considered. Chip will also require leash training. He does not walk well on a leash and likes to pull and zig zag. He did pass dog-to-dog testing in the shelter and gets along wonderfully with his foster brother; however, he is leash reactive to other dogs when on walks and tends to bark, growl, and lunge. It’s admittedly not his most endearing quality but will be totally fixable with some good consistent training. I don’t have a cat but suspect that he would not be good with cats since he tries to chase squirrels, bunnies, and cats that he sees on his walks.

Chip was lovingly fostered by Stephanie