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Chief has been adopted!

Sponsored by Pam B., in loving memory Bailey




Say hello to Chief!

What a great dog. Chief is friendly, confident, energetic, and looking for love…. that is to say he is a big cuddle buddy. Since joining our household in the last week Chief feels like he fits right into the family. Our 7 year old and Chief get along great and can be found in the yard playing keep away and a version of fetch. I say that because sometimes that game turns into keep away.

Chief loves his 2 walks a day but would probably like even more. He does get hot easily as he has some great thick fur but he is shedding very little since an initial bath and a really good brushing. I would love to talk about his bark but I haven’t heard it yet. No matter how much the little Yorkie next door barks at this guy he just walks away.

Chief came to the rescue with very little information so he has been fully vetted since arriving. Chief is now Neutered and has all his vaccinations up to date. His teeth are healthy with just a bit of tarter build up and his weight is good. All in all this is a healthy dog.

Oh he is not perfect. I have lost a couple of socks to his chewing but we are working on redirecting his focus on appropriate toys. There have been a few #1 accidents in the house but that happens with most of the dogs as they are settling and previous rescues have also marked. He is a puller on his leash but that too is improving in just a week. Chief will make a great family dog and would love a medium to large yard in which to play. He will need to be kept busy to keep him out of trouble so an active home would also be great.



Chief was lovingly fostered by Pauline