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Chico has been adopted!

Sponsored by Mike and Robin Tamburro at IG Wealth Newmarket – on behalf of our valued clients and in loving memory of sweet Max, who left his paw print forever on our hearts.


Chico is a very happy little pup. He came into foster in Canada after being picked up as a stray south of the border and ending up in a shelter. Not much is known about his start in life, but he’s ready to leave that all behind and find his forever family. Chico is timid of new people, and will bark loudly at new people entering the home, however he warms up to kindness nearly immediately. He also barks at any strange noises he hears, in the house and from outside. Despite that, he’s the gentlest little guy, ready to give unconditional love to his forever family.

Chico is a very active boy. Estimated to be about a year and half old, he’s still got lots of puppy energy. He loves to explore and loves to play, both with toys and his humans. But don’t worry, he also loves his naps near his humans. He would love a fenced backyard of his own to burn off some of that energy.

This is one smart dog, and he’s picking up training remarkably quick. Because nothing about his past is known, we’re not sure what training he may have had in the past. He seemed to understand ‘sit’ pretty fast, but that’s about it. Since arriving in his foster home, he’s learned ‘shake’, is picking up the concept of fetch, and progressing at coming when he’s called. He’ll need continued training reinforcement, but seems to be a very eager student. He also needs continued house training, although that’s also coming along well. He’s quickly learning to do his business outside and should master it in no time.

Essentially, he needs a forever family that’s ready to take on standard puppy training. Chico doesn’t seem set in his ways at all, he’s ready to learn to be a perfect housemate. He’s adjusted very well to his foster home, aside from the nervous barking. He also loves toys, but will chew/destroy them if he’s not redirected. The good news is that he’s shown zero interest in chewing anything else- no shoes, no furniture, no TV remotes etc.

Chico loves to cuddle! He loves lying next to his humans, ON his humans, and loves sleeping under the covers. Wherever you are, he’ll sneak up and steal some space next to you. And give a couple kisses as a thank you for loving him and keeping him warm while he puts on weight. This boy loves food. He’s not picky at all, and always ready for breakfast and dinner. And of course he loves his treats (making training wonderfully easy). Chico arrived very thin, but put on a good amount of weight and looks much healthier now.

Chico has a senior foster brother dog, and has been very respectful towards him. However he has aggressively barked at another dog that visited the home, and will bark on dogs and people on the street. He’s shown no intent to bite, but he will have to be introduced to other dogs mindfully. His foster dad believes he’ll make a great brother to another dog in the house if properly introduced. He’s proven to be very adaptable and should make a wonderful addition to any active home. Chico got to meet a toddler and was very good with her. He was very excited to play with her, though he doesn’t yet understand he shouldn’t jump up on little children. Kids who are dog savvy would do well with him, along with continued training to improve his manners.

He’s still getting used to feeling safe and does bark quite a bit when someone comes to the door, or when he hears noises outside, as well as when in the backyard- his ears are always up listening to sounds in the distance that he can react to. Training to decrease that is ongoing, but he will require more work with his forever family. Chico is very nervous of people on the street and passing cars. He’s also a southern boy that’s not a fan of walking much in the snow, but come spring he will need his family to help him get over his fears. The barking may be a problem for apartment living, so he’s probably more suitable to living in a house. Currently he has someone with him all day, but has done well left alone for short periods. The home is puppy proofed, but there was no evidence of any mischief while he was alone. Being noise reactive might pose a problem for neighbours if he’s left alone all day.

Overall Chico seems to be a healthy pup. He’s been neutered, received his vaccines, heart worm and flea prevention. He appears to have an old injury to his left front leg, but it doesn’t slow him down or cause him any pain or discomfort- he doesn’t seem to notice it at all. It’s nearly imperceptible except when he’s sitting pretty and waiting for a treat. He’s just a happy, loving and curious little guy who’s almost ready to find his forever home.


Chico was lovingly fostered by Michael