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Chico has been adopted!

Chico’s pull fee has been sponsored by Monroe and Angel, proud Save Me alumni dogs


Hi everyone….Chico here !

I have been busy here getting to know what it’s like to be loved and to be treated like part of a family. I have not had a great beginning to my life, as I was seized from my owner . In the past I spent a lot of time in a cage, and I am so happy to be in a loving foster home looking for my very own forever family.

A few things about me…..I really enjoy my foster siblings here. I love the backyard where I can finally run free and chase the others. I think my ideal forever home should have a friendly doggie companion who I can learn from and a backyard for us to play in.

My foster mum says I need a dedicated owner who is willing to take me to obedience classes where I can learn basic commands and be socialized properly for meeting new doggie friends. You see, my owner didn’t take the time to teach me anything. Currently I am working on my house training. Training is really important for my future and is a must in my forever home.

I love to eat …my foster mum is trying to get some weight on me since I was very underweight when I was rescued. I really love people…especially children ! A home with dog savy adolescent kids would be something I would really like in my new home. Previously , I spent a lot of time in a crate and it was pretty lonely and boring. I would entertain myself and use up some pent up energy by spinning in circles. Because of this, I would like a home where someone is home most of the time, and a home where they would not crate me…at all.  Chico is probably not suitable for apartment or condo living as he currently barks when he hears noises outside and when people come to the door.  

And from Chico’s foster mum…..

Hi there..I’m Janet, Chico’s foster mum. He is a precious, cuddly boy who is so congenial ! And he is only 2 years old. So remember…that he will probably live another 16+ years…..something to think about before you make a commitment.