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Chewy has been adopted!

Sponsored in memory of our beloved rescue Jude who spent too little time with us



Chewy has a bright future ahead of him. He’s quick to learn, wants to please and will be so loyal to his forever family.

Chewy comes from Northern Ontario’s First Nations community of Attawapiskat, located along James Bay. He spent his first year of life there, living freely among the community. Most of the northern dogs are a mix of many breeds. Chewy’s appearance suggests German Shepherd and Malamute as the most noticeable, though far from any being purebred, they are all a mix of many breeds.

Chewy loves everyone he meets and is a happy guy. He enjoys the outdoors, loves to be involved in what his foster mom is doing. Follows her to water the garden, helps pick flowers! Though Chewy appears to be a big dog, he is mostly fur and weighs in at about 55 lbs. While he seems to love all sizes of dogs, he plays like a big puppy and would do best with dogs his own size or bigger. He loves playing in the doggy pool and he enjoys fetch, though he doesn’t always give the toy back!

Chewy is still young at heart and will need to be treated like any other puppy, supervised and taught what’s expected of him. He is quiet for the most part, but if he wants your attention or another dog to play, he will let out a deep bark. His leash skills have improved greatly and he has enjoyed several hikes with his foster mom. He does walk with a tight leash, but he doesn’t pull. He will be a stellar student as he’s very food motivated and quick to learn.

He is crate trained and will sleep quietly there if you give him a bed time treat. He keeps his crate clean overnight as well.

He’s a very beautiful guy, but adopters will be expected to read up on husky shepherd mixes and understand he will be a fairly active dog that will need mental and physical situation. He would be happy to live with another dog, but would do well as an only dog too, provided his people have time to dedicate to him as he is a pack dog at heart and wants to be near his people. When properly exercised, he snoozes for a few hours or plays with toys in his x-pen area with routine. He likes children, but we would be looking for a family with older kids since he is still puppy like and will mouth at hands and is a bit of an awkward moose when playing.

This big sweet guy is ready to find his forever family.

Follow along his journey in foster care by checking out his  foster mom’s Instagram account, @fosterdogstories. For a video of Chewy, visit:

Chewy was lovingly fostered by Colleen