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Chester has been adopted!

Sponsored by Buster’s mom Karinne and her friends, in celebration of her birthday


IMPORTANT: Chester is looking for a home who ideally has some experience/knowledge of dogs who suffer from allergies and skin issues!

Hello! My name is Chester. How adorable am I, right? At least that’s what my foster mom keeps saying. I am 5 years old, super easy-going and fun to have around.

Unfortunately, I have found myself without a home because my owner passed away. But I live in the present and am just super grateful to be living in a home again! I have a bigger doggie brother in my foster home, and we share toys and even play tug of war together sometimes.

I am energetic and like to play, so ideally a young retired couple would be great! I am only 5 and have a LOT of life to live still, and I don’t want to find myself needing to be re-homed ever again. Also, I am a small dog, BUT I am a solid 23lbs+. It takes my foster mom two hands to pick me up, so I’m not a dog that you’re going to be able to carry for very long.

During the day, I mostly just enjoy lying on the couch near my people. I do like to climb on to a lap from time to time too for some more up close and personal snuggles! I am THE best lap warmer out there. Did I mention I make the cutest little sounds, yet?! Because I do!

I take baths twice a week for my skin and coat, but my foster mom says I am the easiest dog she has EVER had to bathe, so it’s not a big deal at all. I basically just stand still and let her do her thing because I know it’s only making me even more handsome than I already am. Hard to believe, right?

I love walks, and I walk really well on a leash. I am also house-trained and will let you know if I need to go outside with a bark or two. I don’t bark too much unless someone comes to the door or I see something interesting outside. Oh, but I do bark when I’m hungry because let’s face it, food is yummy and a pretty exciting part of my day. But I can’t have any treats or table scraps AT ALL. I know, it sucks! A lot of people want to give them to me, but they are not good for me, so I can’t have them.

By night time, I’m pretty tuckered out, so I happily curl up in my little bed and stay there for the whole night until my foster mom says it’s time to get up in the morning. She says I’m the best sleeper they’ve ever had!!! Between you and me though, I would really love to sleep in her bed with her! Although I do admit that I tend to snore, but again, it’s pretty darn cute.

Note from my foster mom: Chester is out of rehab now but his allergy issues will be ongoing and something his new family will need to continue to work with so that his skin and coat can continue to heal. He is on a special allergy sensitive diet and getting medicated baths twice a week. He is a little trooper and is such a happy little guy that you wouldn’t even know he had any skin issues, but please know they do need to be taken seriously. He’s an absolute doll to have around.

Chester was lovingly fostered by Stephanie