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Chester is adopted!

Sponsored by Georgia, Darrien & Tee, in celebration of Debbie & Stef’s wedding


Chester is a 2.5 year old 17 lb male neutered beagle x poodle cross. He is low shedding.

This boy is incredibly affectionate and loves to curl up beside or in your lap.
He’s also very playful. He loves to play fetch with any toy he can find, and will keep bringing it back to you to throw again and again as long as you let him.  Anyone would be impressed with his speed and agility as he flies through the air to catch his toy!

Chester’s foster mom says he is a wonderful house guest. He’s inquisitive but respectful of the space. It took very little effort to teach him to ask before jumping up on the couch and he has never tried to jump up on the bed.  He’s house trained and has free rein of the house with no issues.  He’s typically very quiet, but can get excited and bark while playing or when the doorbell rings. He eats well and sits politely beside his food dish until he’s told it’s ok to eat.  He sleeps well through the night in a dog bed in his foster parents’ bedroom, and loves to sleep in if you let him.

Chester loves his daily walks. He’ll stop to sniff everything if you let him (that beagle nose!) but is also good on the leash and will focus and walk nicely if you pick up the pace and ask him to.  He is a smart boy, very eager to please, and would love a family with the time to play with him and teach him new tricks or games. He has good recall in the house (a little overstimulated outside), and a solid sit and shake a paw.

Chester can be a bit skittish when someone moves quickly beside him or when he’s meeting someone new, but overall he is confident and interested in everything going on around him. He likes to explore. He warms up quickly to people. He’s great in the car, settling down quickly. He does not like being crated.

An ideal home for Chester would be one with no young children as he is petite and sensitive and can potentially get snappy.  He is great with other dogs. He has not been cat tested yet.

Chester was lovingly fostered by Katherine