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Chase has been adopted!

Sponsored by Janet Abramson in honour of everyone at Save Me Dog Rescue


One look into Chase’s eyes will reveal a life of fear and uncertainty. Found in a crime and drug riddled city in Tennessee, Chase did not have an easy start in life. But all this is changing as we get him ready for his new home in Ontario.

Chase is timid and scared but is slowly emerging from his shell. He sleeps in his crate, and stays in it when his foster parents are out of the house. He is starting to explore the house and has moments of playfulness with his foster mom. His tail is starting to wag more and is no longer stuck under him in fear.

He eats his food alongside his foster dog brothers and foster cat and is very gentle when taking a treat from someone’s hand.

At this point he seems to enjoy wandering on his own but will come and seek out his foster mom for cuddles.

We are working on house training and frequent trips to the backyard is helping reinforce what is expected of him.

He needs to learn how to walk on a leash – it is not a favourite activity so we have limited his outdoor time to the backyard until he become more comfortable.

Chase is a medium-active dog and would benefit from a home with a fenced-in yard where he can run or play with another dog.



Chase was lovingly fostered by Marcy.