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Charly has been adopted!

Sponsored by Rebecca Askew in memory of Dharma



Charly is a handsome little guy who is about 99% housetrained, he will just need some consistent reminders. He enjoys car rides as long as he can see out the windows. Charly enjoys walks but is a little “aggressive” with dogs bigger than he is. He will jump and growl at big dogs. Charly’s foster parents are working on this behaviour.  He does do well with dogs his own size. Charly has not been around small children, but does do well with teenagers.

Charly was recently neutered and had two teeth extracted. Charly will need lubricating drops in his left eye, mostly likely for the rest of his life as he has been diagnosed with dry eye. It can be a struggle to get the drops in as he is lightening fast at turning his head when you try to administer the drops! Charly and his foster mom have quite a good laugh at his speed and stubbornness!

Charly likes to play with stuffed animals and will get the zoomies when he has energy to burn. Currently Charly will either sleep at the foot of his foster parents bed, or in his own bed on the floor.

Charly does not like thunderstorms or fireworks. He will look for some comfort in his foster moms arms when he hears the loud noises.

Charly was lovingly fostered by Carey