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Charlotte is adopted!

Charlotte / Female / Chow Mix / 9 Year old / 45 pounds

Charlotte’s pull fee has been sponsored by Anita F in honour of her five beautiful rescue dogs .

Charlotte is a lovely, older girl who has not had the best of luck. She suffered an accident in 2014, that took away one of her legs and an eye. She has adjusted beautifully and has no problems getting around now. She can run and play with the best of them. She weighs about 45lbs but I think most of it is fur. She will require some grooming. She is probably a border collie/chow mix. She has a very sweet nature. She is a bit timid but still loves meeting people from babies to seniors. She gets along with all the other dogs and the cat in the house but she does not care for dogs that get right in her face. She will let them know of her displeasure.

She goes out for a few short walks everyday. She looks forward to them and gets so excited when the leash comes out. She walks beautifully on a leash and it’s a pleasure to take her out. She can move quite quickly despite her disability and some evenings she enjoys a bit of a jog. She is housetrained. She is quiet in the house. I have heard her bark at some of the dogs that pass through the park behind our house but it is not often.Her favourite pastime is lounging around in the backyard with us. She loves being outdoors but prefers to find the shady spots and she will not stay out there alone. She wants to be with her people. She is not crate trained. We keep her in the family room when we are away and that is also where she sleeps at night. She has never gotten into trouble with this routine.

Charlotte is a super girl with lots of love to give. She really deserves a nice, loving home with a family who can appreciate all she has to offer. She is going to be a great pet for some home.