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Charlie has been adopted!

Sponsored by Joan A., in loving memory of her dog Max


Looking for a wonderful, well mannered, goofy, fetch playing all around loving lab? Well look no further.

This is Charlie, a 5 year old black lab and is just the sweetest thing to ever be. She was surrendered by her owner through no fault of her own, simply just an unfortunate circumstance that she found herself in. The stress of being put in the shelter, and then travelling to Canada and into a new foster home was just more than she could cope with. Her stress level was through the roof, and she was showing everyone that she had had enough. She was confused and scared, but under all of that, you could still see what a good dog she is. She needed some time to figure out what was going on, and we gave her all the time she needed, and soon enough her true personality started to show. She is a lot more laid back than she was showing. She’s just a big sweetie, who wants nothing but your attention and affection. She is true to her lab roots, a big cuddle bug.

She has spent a couple of weeks now with her foster family, getting some good r&r. Learning about her new surroundings, learning about small humans and learning that everything will be okay. Her stress level has dropped significantly and she is finally settling in. She still likes to follow her chosen human around, constantly watching to make sure she won’t be left again. When left alone she isn’t at all destructive, she just can’t wait until she can see you again. Although she is stuck like glue to her human in the house, when the humans leave she just lays by the door patiently waiting. She is free to roam the house 24/7, except for meal time she eats in her crate and she happily jumps in. Occasionally she will go and lay in her crate with the door open for a rest, but would rather be where the humans are. She would even love to cuddle on the couch with you if you would let her.

Charlie is a bundle of energy, some due to the stress, but the rest is because she is still very youthful. She loves to chase a tennis ball, but when it’s time to go inside she’ll happily go for a snooze. The more comfortable she is getting with her surroundings, the more she is snoozing. She would love to have humans home with her all day, someone to reassure her that she isn’t alone and all is well.

When Charlie first arrived, she wasn’t sure about what was going on and reacting in a not so welcoming manner. From what we can tell, she has had very little exposure to small children and was a little spooked by them and their quick movements. Slowly, she has realized they won’t harm her, they’re maybe not so bad, and will go up to them now to ask for pets. She seems to be okay with children now, but would probably be happier with an older crowd in her ideal home so she wouldn’t have to share the attention.

She has been exposed to dogs of all sizes, and would do better with larger dogs. She enjoys having other dogs in the house, but doesn’t like if they are too pushy or invade her space. Having another dog in the house would be great for her to continue growing her confidence in her new surrounding. Someone she could wrestle and play with would be ideal. She loves to play fetch and roam around the yard, but really just likes to have the attention of her human companion. Charlie has had some training in her previous life, she has great recall, knows how to sit and take treats nicely. She walks pretty well on a leash, always looking for her human’s guidance. She is well behaved, and just really wants to cuddle and be told how lovely she is.

Charlie is housebroken, however recently she has started to have minor incontinence occasionally. Often when a more mature dog is spayed it can lead to some incontinence which can be temporary. Charlie is on medication for this which has helped greatly. At this time it is not possible to know if she will need this continuously. This medication is roughly $30/month and would need to be continued for the foreseeable future. Otherwise, she knows to go outside to do her business.

Charlie will counter surf when the opportunity presents itself, but otherwise she is not destructive at all in the house. Even with dog toys, or the occasional kid toy, she will just hold it in her mouth and proudly show you what she has to get your attention.

Charlie has gone for a few car rides, and is happy just to be with you. She jumps in, makes herself comfortable and tries to be copilot, except she hasn’t mastered reading a map just yet.

Charlie has all the endearing qualities of a labrador. Her playfulness and goofy side is well balanced with intelligence and the right amount of snuggles. Topped all off with her large brown puppy eyes that you just can’t say ‘no’ to.


Charlie was lovingly fostered by Renee.