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Charlie has been adopted!

Charlie is sponsored by fellow foster mom Cheryl in memory of her Poodle Maggie who died last Christmas eve.



Charlie puts the great into Great Dane. Everything about her is great, her personality, her size, her temperament, her drool, her tail, her excitement. She’s got it! She is a pure bred, complete with AKC (American Kennel Club) registration papers.

Charlie was an owner surrender under no fault of her own, she had 3 other fur siblings and has been separated from them and it shows a bit in her foster home. For the first few days she was pretty anxious and seemed to be looking for her people. She gets pretty worked up when her foster people are leaving the house, but will settled down after she has made it very clear she isn’t happy. She has not been crated at all since arriving in her foster home, and has been no trouble at all. She has yet to lay directly on the floor, as she prefers the finer things in life like the couch or your bed. She doesn’t have the word great in her name for no reason.

She just turned 3 in August, so she is in her teens and can be pretty stubborn when she wants to be. But having a family with a strong leader will help her to follow directions so she can be the greatest great Dane she can be. Stubbornness aside, she is actually really affectionate. She LOVES attention, so being the only dog in the home would be the best for her so she doesn’t have to share. She seems to have minimal training on manners, could also just be her teen side. So a good review of the basics and setting the expectations and she will figure it out quickly. It’s fair to say that with all the changes she’s just had in her life the past few weeks, it is understandable that her manners may have been forgotten a bit.

There are 3 other dogs in her foster home, and she keeps trying to play with all of them, her size seems to intimidate them a bit, but she really is sweet and just wants to play. She doesn’t realize how big she actually is.

Charlie is the biggest love bug and is looking for a big couch to lounge on and a family to snuggle with.

Charlie was lovingly fostered by Renee