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Charlie is adopted

Hi Friends!
My name is Charlie and I am a 12 week old baby Chihuahua.  Although, my ears haven’t learned to stand up yet, so I look a bit like a teeny tiny version of a yellow lab!  Foster Momma tells me that the will stand up once I’m done my teething (whatever that is), but in the meantime, it means I’m an extra special looking little man!
Foster Momma thinks that I would do great, anywhere I land because I’m just a sweet boy who loves to play, chew on things, play with my doggie brothers and the kitty in the house.  Because I am new to this whole big wide world, I will need to have obedience training and reminders that things like furniture, boxes and shoes are NOT good for breaking in my teeth.  I love to play hard and then curl up with my people for a good snuggle when my battery needs recharging, then it’s go, go, go!  At night, I have my very own safe place, called a crate, that Momma has filled with a pillow and some soft blankets.  When I’m told it’s time for bed, I even go in and I get tucked in for the night.

Charlie was lovingly fostered by Lysa