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Charlie has been adopted

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Please read entire bio prior to applying as it contains important information on Charlie.

Meet Charlie, a one year old male Maltese/Poodle Mix. A beautiful pup who loves to play outside, chase his ball and Frisbee, go for walks and hang with his plushy. He has had limited training but is learning to come when called, sit for a treat as well as walk without too much pulling. After acclimatizing to his foster home he has begun to ask for cuddles and scratches in all those favorite places and follow his foster mom around the house unless of course it is nap time. Charlie is crate and toilet trained and is gentle with his toys and the furniture. Charlie uses a bell to indicate when he want to go out and with luring goes into his crate quietly where he is comfortable regardless if everyone is out or home. He will bark if something concerns him such as the door bell, a new person in the home, or loud or unusual noises.

Charlie is an owner surrendered pup who was with a family with 3 young children for his first year of life. Because of his past experiences he has developed behaviors that need to addressed. He is quite inexperienced so frequently barks when seeing or meeting up with someone new, is frightened of most dogs and children and is very hesitant when encountering new situations.

Charlie also struggles with resource guarding and is indiscriminate as to what he wants to possess. When his boundaries and body language are ignored he can be quite aggressive including growling, snarling and nipping. It is best that Charlie initiate when he wants attention and contact and it is highly recommended that he receive support from a specialty trainer who is well versed in possession aggression.

Charlie will do best with an adult only household that is quiet and predictable, preferably with someone who has experience with dogs, with someone who is willing to let Charlie come to trust on his own terms and who recognizes that with time and patience he will become an incredible member of the family.

Charlie was lovingly fostered by Sandi