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Charlie has been adopted!

Sponsored by Jamie and Erika, in celebration of their upcoming marriage. Many thanks to their family and friends.


Charlie is a 10-year-old Yorkie who found himself in a shelter because his family no longer had time for him. But the universe has better things in store for this senior boy because he is the sweetest little guy and still has so much love to give. Charlie is looking to spend his golden years with a family where someone is home for most of the day. His favourite thing to do is be near you and nap throughout the day. He mostly only wakes to follow you wherever you go, or because it’s time to eat! He is a true foodie at heart and there’s no food that he would say no to. He’s normally pretty quiet unless he thinks it is mealtime or needs to go outside, and then he lets you know with some barks until you get him what he needs. However, Charlie likes to think it’s mealtime more often than not so not ideal for apartments or close condo living. He is pretty small and has some arthritis in his legs, so he’s looking for a home with no small children and preferably a bungalow. He can go up and down about 4 wide steps or so in/out of a house but would not be able to do a full staircase. Because of his arthritis, he also can’t go on long walks and is happy to just go on a short jaunt down the block and back. Charlie is a big sassy personality in a little furry body.

** Adoptions within the province of Ontario only