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Save Me Remembers Charlie

Sponsored by Laura, John, Diana, Kathleen and Jacquelyn, in loving memory of Auntie Bette, who loved her own rescue pups with all her heart.


While being held by one his foster moms, our Charlie crossed over the Rainbow Bridge on November 5th, 2019. I can imagine that Charlie joyously ran across the bridge to meet the many friends that awaited him. Charlie joined our family on October 26th when he arrived in London, ON from his home state of Tennessee.  It was love at first sight for us. We welcomed him into our home with open arms. We felt the excitement of receiving a new foster dog, and the anticipation of a bright future for our new furry friend. We had the joy of loving Charlie at the end of his life when he needed to be loved the most. He loved cuddling in his foster mom’s arms, and he would wag his little tail when she came home. Although Charlie was struggling with many health issues, he still found joy in his final days. He knew that he was loved. We want to thank all the rescuers and transport drivers involved in helping Charlie get to his new life in Canada. It’s because of the care and compassion of these people that Charlie had the chance to pass on peacefully and surrounded by those who loved him. We are grateful we had the chance to know Charlie in this lifetime. Loved and missed by Natalie, Kristin, and little Bertie.



Daisy was found as a stray and was taken to the shelter where she was very scared.