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Champ has been adopted!

Champ is sponsored in memory of Jake and Pepper – 2 sweet seniors who will be very missed. With love from Roz


Champ has come into the rescue at no fault of his own or his previous owner. Due to medical issues, his owner made the tough decision to surrender Champ to the rescue. This wee little guy has been very confused about what is going on, but has been getting more and more comfortable every day with his new situation and surroundings.

He seems to have been very pampered in the first four years of his life, he knows people and how great they are to snuggle with. He wants all the attention all the time and wants to be held and carried. Being that he is only 12 lbs, super cuddly and extra soft, this isn’t a big inconvenience for most people to accommodate.

Champ knows he does his business outside, however it does take some persistence to convince him that he does need to go outside. He’s a pampered pooch and would rather not go outside in the cold/wet weather unless he’s forced. He has a lovely sweater to help keep him warm when he goes out, but if he doesn’t have to go outside he won’t.

He LOVES people, big and small. He just wants to get any attention he can, and he gives lots of kisses in return. He does have moments of being nervous, but he has quickly come to realize that he is safe in his foster home and he is a happy little guy. Champ is a strong communicator, so it would be best if he stayed out of apartment life as to not bother his neighbours too much.

He is learning how to handle other dogs. Being the only dog in the house all his life, he is unsure about other dogs now. There are 3 resident dogs in his foster home, 2 chihuahua’s his size, and a 50lb guy. Champ has been very scared of all 3 dogs and just growled and barked at them. He is slowly realizing that none of them are bad, however he still finds the big one scary. He has had lots of space and time to get to know these dogs and he is doing very well at relaxing around them. They are all co-exisiting in the foster home with no issues, just the occasional barking match if the big dog gets too close in his space. This is all very new to him, and will take more time, but everything has been going in the positive direction with him.

Champ is pretty small, quick and agile. So jumping up on the table is really easy to do and something he likes to do any chance he can get. This is something the foster house is trying to correct but is a work in progress. He brought his ball with him in his luggage, and he absolutely loves his ball. He will play fetch all day with that ball. And being that he is so little, he can play fetch in the house which means he doesn’t have to go outside to play!

He is crate trained, but has been free to wander in the foster home and has been totally fine. He goes in the cage to nap as his safe spot, but the door is always open for him to come and go freely.

Champ is a super cute little guy who only has eyes for his humans. He likes to follow them around everywhere and in return gives lots of affection. He would be great in a house where he got all the attention, but with the right dog and the right family he would do okay with another furry friend.


Champ was lovingly fostered by Renee