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My name’s Cedar and I’m a sweet and gentle 3-year-old beagle who’s spayed, fully vetted and vaccinated. I walk well on a leash and can be vocal when I see other dogs. I love to play and cuddle with my foster fur-siblings and I’ve recently discovered how much I love squeaky toys. Although my fur sheds a little, I’m very happy to sit outside for grooming with a curry comb. I enjoy meeting new people but it takes time for me to warm up. Once we get to know each other I love to snuggle and have belly rubs. Foster mom says I’m like her shadow and my forever family will be very lucky to have me.

Here’s a few things that are really important to consider before applying to adopt me:

I’m very timid and easily startled by loud noises. When I’m afraid I sometimes hide under a table or behind a chair. I’m also very hesitant and will crouch to make myself small when crossing thresholds, like coming in from outside. My new family will need to be extremely patient and understanding. I’m still learning to trust humans and will need quiet, calm reassurance while I learn to trust. I also look to my fur-siblings for guidance and comfort. I follow their lead when I’m afraid to do certain things and I love to share my crate or bed for a snuggle.

When I was found as stray in Tennessee, I was underweight and Erhlichia positive. I’ve been slowly gaining weight by eating three small meals per day. I get very excited about food and use a slow bowl to prevent me from gulping it. I also eat in a safe area separate from my fur-siblings. I sometimes hesitate to approach the shared water bowl so there’s a separate water bowl right beside my crate. Erhlichia is a tick-borne illness that can only be transmitted from the bite of an infected tick, It’s not contagious, can’t be passed to humans and Save Me Rescue ensured that I received the gold standard treatment. It will be important for my new vet to know this because I might test false-positive in the future.

Although I’m 3 years old, it’s best to think of me as a puppy. I’m still exploring everything and require constant supervision while learning the rules. I sometimes chew on the wrong things. With redirection I’ve learned to chew on rope toys, plush toys, and bones instead of pillows, blankets, and shoes. You’ll need to keep an eye on me at all times!

I’m still being housetrained and will do my business outside every couple of hours. If you forget about taking me outside, I’ll have an accident in the house though. I’m still learning how to ask when I need to go outside. My new family must be committed to ongoing training. If my accidents will upset you, we’re not right for each other.

I’m still learning my basic commands like sit, stay and come. I love treats and praise, but mostly treats. My new family will have to dedicate time to my ongoing training. I sometimes get the “zoomies” and want to run wild in the house. If I’m overexcited, I frantically jump off and on the furniture so I’m also learning the “off” command.

Sometimes I feel overwhelmed and I’m most comfortable in my crate. That’s my safe space and it is currently in my foster family’s main living area. I prefer the crate door be kept open during the day. I also enjoy spending the workday in my dog bed beside foster mom’s desk. She uses a baby gate to prevent me from wondering. At bedtime I sleep soundly in my family’s bedroom, on a comfy dog bed or in my crate. When I’m sleepy and it’s dark outside I don’t mind if the crate door is closed overnight so long as I’m close to my family. I also love to cuddle with my family on the couch and I spend most evenings beside them having snuggles and belly rubs.

Must haves:
I get nervous and don’t like it when my humans or my fur-siblings leave the house (or sometimes the room) without me. I can be vocal about this. I’m also vocal at times when I’m playing and having too much fun. For this reason, I’ll do best living in a detached home where I won’t disturb your neighbours..

I enjoy running and playing outside with my fur siblings and will thrive in home with a fully fenced yard. I’d also prefer to live in a rural area or in the suburbs. I need room to run and play and I don’t like street level noise such as loud sirens.

I enjoy a quiet, calm and predictable routine. Since I’m timid and loud noises startle me, I’ll do best in a home with adults and older children. I’m not suited to a family with younger children. My new family will have someone who can stay home with me during the day and they will only leave me alone infrequently, for short periods of time. A hectic, busy household with lots of commotion and frequent visitors isn’t ideal. I’m also looking for home with a friendly, confident second dog for me to bond with over time. This is very important to me.

My life has not been easy until now, but things are so much better since I came into rescue. Please don’t apply to adopt me just because I’m cute. I’ll need patience, love and understanding before I fully trust my forever family and continue blossoming into my best self. During that time I’ll look to my fur-sibling for companionship and guidance and to my humans for my ongoing training. Once I do learn to trust you, I’ll be a loyal companion. If you’re ready to make a lifetime commitment to me, please submit your application through the Save Me website.

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** Adoptions within the province of Ontario only