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Sponsored in memory of Farley


Cece was found as a stray on the streets in Tennessee and quickly stole the hearts of the staff at the shelter. Those giant ears are hard to resist!

She arrived in Toronto a few days ago and was terrified of everything. It took her almost an hour to work up the courage to leave the security of her crate.

It has been several days since her arrival in her foster home and each day she seems more relaxed and playful.

Cece is young and has all the energy of a pup her age. At the beginning, she rarely sat down and spent much of the day walking briskly from room to room, sniffing everything she could. She seems more settled now but is always ready to play.

She loves toys – the squeakier the better! And antlers are pretty good too. Cece is great at running after a tossed toy, but we are working on her consistently bringing it back.

Cece is pee-pad trained and we are working on her doing her business outside. This is a work in progress.

Her leash skills are in their infancy, and she needs to learn how to walk properly beside her human. The only command she knows is “no” and it’s very useful in redirecting her curiosity, especially when her nose is in the garbage can or recyling bin! She is learning “come”. “Sit” will be the next on our list.

Cece shows no sign of aggression, she is a happy dog. She is currently living peacefully with three dogs and one cat.

Cece likes being outside in the backyard roaming and running around, and listening to the birds and squirrels.

She is food motivated and sleeps peacefully in her crate at night and when her foster mom is out for short periods of time during the day.

This gorgeous girl will make an ideal family pet with owners who can give her the stimulation and exercise she requires.

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** Adoptions within the province of Ontario only