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Cece has been adopted!

Sponsored in memory of Farley



CeCe is a little dog with a big personality!
She’s been in her foster home for a few days now and is doing well settling into her new routine.
When CeCe arrived, she was shy and needed a day to decompress, watching the rythym of her foster home from a safe distance. It didn’t take her too long to begin to feel safe. She came out of her shell and began to join in on the household fun.

CeCe is a lovable little dog. She tends to be shy with humans when first greeting but warms up fairly quickly. She loves to show affection as much as she loves to receive it.

CeCe resides in a home with 2 other dogs, smaller and larger in size compared to her. She has done really well introducing herself to the pack and is playing with the other dogs as if she has always been a part of the family. CeCe has a ton of energy and loves to chase the other dogs around the backyard and throughout the house. She plays hard and naps hard. She has a lot of spring in her step but after she stretches her legs, she has no problem snuggling in for an afternoon snooze, usually found cuddled up in a pile with the other pups.

CeCe is a smart dog! She understands her basic commands “sit”, “down”, ” in”, “out”. CeCe is crate trained. She does very well in her crate overnight as well as when left in the house alone. So far there hasn’t been any accidents in the house. She hasn’t yet learned how to communicate that she needs to go outside but she follows the lead of the other dogs and is doing a great job with house training.

CeCe would do well in a home with another canine companion that can match her energy. She would love a forever home that has the time and patience to teach her what is expected of a household pet. A forever home that has a backyard for her to play in and a family that will spoil her with love, toys and treats and lots of belly rubs.

Cece was lovingly fostered by Jennifer