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Single brindle female looking for her happily after.

My name is CeCe and although I am of average height and weight, there is nothing average about me. While on walks with my foster family, I get told that I am pretty cute and my brindle coat, long legs, soulful eyes and nubby tail are my best features. I am not a big fan of getting my picture taken so you will have to appreciate my beauty in person and no modelling in my future (even though I have the legs for it).

I am independent girl with a mind of my own but I am open to suggestion with the right motivation (a.k.a. treats).

If you are looking for someone to enjoy walks with, I am your girl. I am athletic and really do love my walks and I am always up for new adventures or learning a new trick. I am playful and love to play in the backyard. I love when my foster parents throw the ball and chase me (a a game is a game no matter how it is played).

I am a social butterfly and love to meet people especially if they give me treats and a few pets.

I am a hound and true to my breed I sometimes like to take in all the smells the day has to offer making my walks a bit slow sometimes.

My foster parents say I am a smart girl. I remember where the squirrels and chipmunks like to hide in my backyard or which yard has the dogs that I can say hello to (a.k.a bark at during my walks).

My happily ever after dream is to have a family of my own that will love me as much as I will love them and include me on their daily routine. I don’t want to be bored as a bored dog is not a happy dog. I would love a fenced yard that gives me the freedom to run, play and lay out in the sun. I can be very quiet in the yard but if will let you know when I see a visitor(wildlife) in the yard. I would love a couch to cuddle on with my family or that allows me to have a better view of the outside world. I would also love toys to play with. I like to chew my toys so no stuffies are safe with me and my foster family no longer has them in the toy bin.

My happily ever after could include dog savvy children and a playful family dog.

A note from my foster parents.

CeCe has been doing her rehab to help her recovery from FHO surgery. She has been doing everything asked of her.

CeCe has been a dream to foster. We no longer crate her when we leave the house or at night. We have spoiled her as with our own two dogs. After all isn’t that what every family does.

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