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CeCe has been adopted!

Sponsored in thanks to an amazing daughter


Do you believe in love at first sight? To meet CeCe is to fall in love with her.

CeCe’s personality shines through in everything she is asked to do and in everything she does. She can be as laid back as you are but is always up for a walk, unless it is raining. She waits patiently for everyone to get ready for the walk. She has the cutest wiggle bum when it comes to taking off her coat after the walk.
CeCe likes to let the neighborhood dogs know she is out for a walk. She also likes to let those walking by the house know that she is keeping an eye on them. For the most part CeCe can walk quite well on leash.

CeCe has shown that she can accept new routines and is always willing to do what is expected of her. She is treat motivated and does learn new tasks quickly. In her foster home CeCe lives with two older resident dogs and they respect each others space.

CeCe can be independent but also likes to cuddle and play. Her favourite past time is taking out the squeakers of her toys.

CeCe has completed her rehab sessions to help her in recovering from her FHO surgery. She willingly does all her warm up exercises to ensure she is ready for the adventures of the day.