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CeCe is available for adoption

Sponsored in thanks to an amazing daughter


Sometimes a dog comes into your life just when you need to be rescued. Could CeCe be this dog for you? She truly fits the saying “ who rescued who”.

CeCe has a great personality complimented by a few quirks that just make her just as unique as her brindle coat.

She is a quick learner and very treat motivated, most times. She can be quiet as a mouse, but will voice her concern over the four legged (squirrels) intruders in her backyard. CeCe will follow the other two dogs lead at barking should there be someone walking by the property. What a great watchdog!

CeCe walks quite well on leash. She is learning to ignore the dogs she sees during her walks. Most times treats work great and then there are times she just needs help to refocus to continue with her walk. CeCe needs to be introduced to other dogs when she is calm. We find that walking with other dogs a couple of times seems to be the secret. The dogs she has gotten to know during our walks she can now meet without getting excited. She meets people quite well and loves the treats and compliments she gets about her brindle coat.

CeCe loves to play with the dog toys in the toy box. She is quite the chewer so no fancy stuffed toys for her. She does enjoy the snuffle mat and seems to be able to find every treat.

CeCe will share the couch to snuggle up with you and serenade you with her snoring. She knows when it is time to play and time to rest. She is in a house with two senior dogs and will try to get them to play with her but she knows when to give up. After a long walk it is not unusual to find her on the bed snuggled up on the pillows.

CeCe will go into her crate with a little snack and settles quite quickly. She is only crated during the day if we are out of the house for an extended period of time. Her crate is a favourite spot at bedtime.

CeCe had hip surgery (FHO or femoral head ostectomy) in March as a result of a dislocated hip. We are continuing with her exercises to ensure she builds up the muscle that she lost prior to her operation.

CeCe needs a home with a fenced backyard, toys to play with, humans to teach her, love her, play with her and treat her as family. If you give her this she will give you her heart and loyalty. She will make life more fulfilling and interesting.

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