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Cayden has been adopted!

Sponsored in memory of Shania, thank you Roz for being with her every step of the way.



Cayden is a true rescue. He and his brothers and sisters were born in the woods in a small town in Tennessee. He spent the first year of his life living outside with his mother and siblings. Despite the best efforts of the Dogs on Borrowed Time rescue volunteers to capture him, he always eluded them. It was not until he and his mother were hit by a car and left by the side of the road that the rescue could help him.

Tragically, Cayden’s mother was killed. Cayden was badly hurt. His front right leg was broken and he needed surgery to have pins put in. His back end was so damaged he needed the left femoral head removed (the ball at the end of the thigh bone that creates the hip joint). He spent about two months in a foster home in Tennessee being nursed back to health.

Save Me Dog Rescue learned of Cayden’s need for a home through RUFF (“Redemption Underdog Freedom Fund” – who helped facilitate his move to Canada.

Thankfully, he is fully recovered. Without the great work of Dogs on Borrowed Time ( ) Cayden would likely be dead.

Cayden is a wonderful dog. He exudes innocence, despite a rough start to his life. He loves toys and bones, especially a Kong filled with treats. He is learning how to chase a ball. Still has not quite figured out the whole need to return it. He does like a massage, but it has to be on his terms. With each day he becomes more comfortable with being touched, but would need time to extend that trust to an adopter. He is very curious about everything going on around him. He loves to sit at the fence and watch people go by, or look out the window.

Despite being feral, Cayden is remarkably well adjusted. He is a very happy dog. He is gentle, good on a leash (although he will need training on relaxing when a leash or collar is put on him), house trained, non-destructive, and quiet.

Not surprisingly, he slow to approach people and that will apply to any adopter, notwithstanding a desire to give him a good home. If you are looking for a dog that will bond right away and cuddle up on the couch the first day (or indeed within the couple of weeks), Cayden is not the dog for you. He may never get beyond being hesitant in approaching people and an adopter needs to understand that.

Cayden needs patient adopters who have experience with dogs and understand how his history impacts on his behaviour. It is all about baby steps with Cayden. He will need a home where things move at a pace that Cayden can accept and where unreasonable expectations are not put on him. While playful and full of life right now, he may regress when moved to a new home. He will need time to adjust to another new home. His adopters need to understand that and work with Cayden to get through these issues.

Fast movements scare him, so he would not be good in a home with small children. It would also not be a good experience for children as they likely would not be able to get close to him.

He is not suitable for apartments and likely not even a townhouse. He needs a house with a large fully fenced secure yard where he can be free. He is still a very young dog and needs to be able to stretch his legs and go for a run. He really enjoys being outside, whether it be for a walk or roaming free in the fenced yard.

He also needs a playmate around the same age and size for both exercise and socialization. Remember, he spent his first year with a pack and would likely be unhappy not having another dog in the house. An older dog likely would not work with him, given his need to play.

He does like to get up on the couch, so any home would have to be ok with that. At night he is happy to sleep on a dog bed on the floor.

He is good in the car. He is not much of a barker, but some dogs do find their voice as they become more comfortable in their home. It is usually best to just assume he will bark.

He likes other dogs and is very respectful to them and loves to play. He is living with three dogs and gets along very well with them. He enjoys being with his “pack” roaming around outside or curling up on the couch with them.

He needs a home that will take him on long walks and keep him active.

When out for a walk, he is very curious about people and other dogs he sees. He keeps a bit of distance from them, but there is no obvious fear or aggression. Really no prey drive. He pays little attention to birds and squirrels.

His injuries have not slowed him down. He is a bit careful on stairs, but that may be more related to a lack of experience with them. There are no long term concerns with these injuries.

Watch the video of Cayden at It will give you a better sense of what he has to offer to the right home. Please remember that Cayden will take time after being adopted to get to the comfort level you see in the video.

Cayden was lovingly fostered by Bob