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Caycee has been adopted!

Sponsored by Kathryn M., in memory of her sister’s beautiful chocolate lab Satchmo


Applications are being accepted; however adoptions will not take place until after Caycee reaches 8 weeks (April 7, 2018)

Hello everyone, Caycee is looking for her forever home and with her Irish name we hope she will have the luck of the Irish!

Caycee is a 6.5 week old lab husky mix who weighs approximately 6 lbs.  She will probably grow up to be normal northern breed size of around 50-lbs when full grown.  Caycee is still learning about potty training and does her business when she gets taken out, she does have mistakes inside if foster mom doesn’t take her out in time, but mostly if inside she does it on a pee pad.

Caycee is true to her Irish name which means vigilant, she is very aware of what is going on around her.  Being Vigilant means being smart and Caycee is super smart, she definitely is a wise old soul.

Caycee is playful and funny, she loves all of her foster siblings.  She understands the heirachy in the pack, knows she is at the bottom but is not a pushover!  Caycee loves to go for long walks and loves to play with anyone that will play with her.

Although Caycee is independent, she does not like to be left alone, she will carry on and howl (very loudly), as long as she has someone or something in the room with her (person or animal) she will happily amuse herself, she just doesn’t like being alone, she is only a baby so she may outgrow this.

Caycee is finally sleeping through the night, her crate is in foster mom’s bedroom at night, because she does not like being alone-she may outgrow this, but she may not and a home with someone home more than away would be ideal for her.

Caycee is currently located in Campbellville, Ontario.  She is still a baby and her little teeth are very sharp and she is still learning not to chew on fingers.  A home with older children would be recommended.  Her energy level is medium right now but she does have a lot of husky in her and may be higher energy level as an older pup.  Caycee has not been cat tested, but she is still a baby and should therefore not have issues with cats.  Whoever adopts this little girl is a very lucky person!


Lovingly fostered by Susan