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Casey is adopted!

Casey / Male / Aussie Mix / 5-7 Years old / 63 pounds (overweight) / Adoption Fee is $400.00

Casey’s pull fee has been sponsored in honour of Grace B on the occasion of her 90th birthday with love from her human grandchild Jonathan B.

See Casey play: Playtime

Casey is a happy, friendly, laid-back dog who’ll fit pretty much immediately into the right forever home.

He’s a quick learner, figuring out the rules and rhythms of his new foster home in just a day or two, and he’s more than happy to follow your lead. Want to go for a long walk? He’s in. Want a cuddle on the sofa while you watch TV? He’s your guy. Play with stuffies and squeaky toys? Yes, please! Need him to just chill on his bed while you get some things done? No problem.

He’s also confident and relaxed enough to take new (or noisy) things in stride. He’ll nap through a thunderstorm, happily wag his tail and try to get (gently) involved when kids are playing, explore unfamiliar streets and parks with curiosity, and greet each and every new person like a long-lost relative.

He knows how to “sit” but we’re not sure about other commands, just yet. He’s keen to please, though, and is very treat motivated. With a little patience, he’s certainly capable of learning a lot more.

He barks a little bit at passing dogs on the street, now and then, and when he gets very excited during play. Most of time, though, he’s a very quiet, relaxed companion.

He’s also crate trained and will happily sleep there, in his bed, or snuggled beside you in your bed.

He does pull quite a bit when walked with a leash clipped to his collar. We’ve been trying out a gentle leader and it’s going beautifully. The pulling is drastically reduced and he gets used to wearing it after just a block or two.

We can’t quite imagine how Casey found himself at a shelter–he’s just an all-around wonderful dog. This loving, affectionate and funny boy is grateful for a second chance and will make a wonderful addition to the right, new family.

For more information on Casey, please contact her foster mom Melissa at

Please note that while we continue to get to know each of our dogs, their biographies will be updated with additional information, so make sure to check back once in a while!