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Carmine has been adopted!

Carmine / Female / Australian Shepherd / 30 Lbs / 4 yrs / Adoption fee: $400.00


Carmine is currently in rehabilitation at her foster home.

Carmine was brought into the shelter in the U.S. after having been a stray for about a year. During that time, Carmine was fed by concerned citizens, so she appears to be at a healthy body weight. Although she has spent a couple weeks in a foster home in the U.S. before coming to Canada, she is still very fearful. Carmine will need lots of time and patience to bring her out of her shell.

Although Carmine likes to be near her foster parents, she stays at a distance. She likes to see what is going on, but is not yet ready to be a part of it. She allows her foster parents to come near, and is beginning to sniff their hands when they place their hands near her. Carmine’s foster parents speak to her in soft tones, and are gentle with her when bringing her outside on a leash. She is starting to get used to her foster home, and has begun to feel comfortable walking around the house.

Carmine has one foster brother and one foster sister. She is happy to watch the other dogs run and play, and allows them to come near her but she is not yet ready to engage with them. The other dogs are curious about Carmine, and come over to sniff her every now and again. Carmine does not seem to mind this, and sometimes will sniff the other dogs too.

Carmine has been through a lot already in her short life. We are seeking a home for her that has experience with fearful and reserved dogs to continue her transition into the loving and loyal dog we know she can be!

For more information on Carmine, please contact her foster mom Jessica, at

Please note that while we continue to get to know each of our dogs, their biographies will be updated with additional information, so make sure to check back once in a while!