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Carmen has been adopted!

Carmen is sponsored with love by an anonymous supporter with a huge heart.



There are a couple sayings that describe Carmen. Good things come in small packages and young at heart.

Miss Carmen is a whopping 6 lbs of love, happiness and playfulness. This girl is very friendly and is very playful that it is hard to believe she is approximately 14 years old.

Carmen is crate trained but doesn’t appear to have been taught many other tricks or commands. We don’t believe she has ever been walked on a leash previously as she will freeze when you put a leash/collar on. She is pee pad trained.

She has found her voice in her foster home and will bark but we believe she would do well in either a home or a condo setting. She does enjoy running in the backyard in her foster home when the weather is nice. A secure area for her is required as she loves to walk around while out to do her business.

Her ideal home is one that will enjoy her playful personality and is retired or home the majority of the time as she does enjoy the company of people. Another dog in the home would be good but is not necessary. A home without young kids would be best due to her small size.