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Carlos has been adopted!

Sponsored by Erin and Richard, in honour of Finnegan (recently adopted and previously Landon)


Meet Carlos! This TINY little guy joins us all the way from Quebec.. Bonjour! Carlos is your typical senior chi in that he loves his people and follows them around everywhere but is indifferent to his foster brothers and sisters.

Carlos is very cuddly and loves belly rubs and playing with his foster mom. He can be a little vocal when playing with his mom making cute sounds that sound like little growls but not too worry, that’s just him having fun. During play time he loves kissing his foster mom and nibbling on her nose, it’s very adorable. Sometimes when his foster siblings are in his way he will not hesitate to let them know he’s bothered, he’s got the typical grumpy old man chihuahua syndrome, its very charming 🙂

Carlos is house trained and crate trained. He enjoys going for walks, eating and following his foster parents around everywhere to see what they are doing. He’s a wonderful joy to have around and will make a great pet, preferably in a home without small children (due to his size and age).

Carlos recently was neutered and he also had a dental as his mouth was badly infected. Although he has less teeth he will be much healthier and feeling great once he completely heals. It is suspected due to the prolonged infection, Carlos developed something called a rubber mandible, where the lower jaw bones meet up has been eroded. This just means he will need to be on wet food for the rest of his life. We don’t think Carlos will mind though.



Carlos was lovingly fostered by Paulina