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Caramel is in rehab – Not accepting applications

Sponsored in celebration of Jude (previously known as Alex) adopted August 2019. One beautiful, gentle boy.



Meet Caramel – a male yorkie mix who was found wandering the suburbs of Montreal. When Caramel first came to us he was very sick and emaciated. After many tests and vet visits, we discovered that Caramel suffers from megaesophagus. Megaesophagus is when a dog’s esophagus lacks muscular tone and motility, which means they can’t swallow normally. To remedy this, Caramel sits upright in a “Bailey Chair” when he eats/drinks, then remains there for a period of time after finishing his meal. It also means that he has to have small meals, so Caramel eats five small meals per day. He needs to eat slowly and is hand fed small “meatball” size balls of soft puppy kibble. Due to his condition, Caramel is on medication (approx. $20/month) and it is difficult for him to gain weight. He is currently only 12 pounds and needs to gain 8-10 pounds to be a good weight for his size. Nevertheless, he does have endless energy for walks and play.

Caramel is fully house trained and sleeps through the night on his dog bed. Caramel is good on his harness when we go for walks, but will bounce like tigger and start to talk when he sees a squirrel – a true prey driven terrier! Caramel loves people, even strangers. He is a very adaptable dog, with a shining and loving personality. He loves to have his ears rubbed and is always wagging his tail. Caramel loves to be around his people and is the happiest when everyone is home. Even after the pandemic, he will need a family that will be home most of the time.

Caramel currently lives with another dog and he is a wonderful foster brother. The shelter in Quebec mentioned that he was good with cats.

Caramel will be available for adoption once he has gained some weight and we learn a little bit more about him and his medical needs.

** Adoptions within the province of Ontario only