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Save Me remembers Caramel

Sponsored in celebration of Jude (previously known as Alex) adopted August 2019. One beautiful, gentle boy.


On October 29th, 2020 while being held by his foster moms, our sweet boy Caramel (aka Rufus) crossed over the Rainbow Bridge. Until the day of his passing, Rufus enjoyed life to the fullest. He was a very happy, easygoing, and loving boy. He brought tremendous joy and happiness to his foster family and everyone who met him. He truly had a zest for life. He would wake up every morning with an extra bounce in his step. He loved to wake us up with kisses. Rufus loved everyone he met including his temperamental foster sister. Upon meeting him, you would never know that he was suffering from a terrible condition called megaesophagus. Upon entering the rescue in August, his life was spared by the multiple specialists and vet care he received that would eventually diagnose him and save his life. For the last three months, he adapted phenomenally to the many lifestyle changes that were recommended by his vets. Ultimately, the sudden deterioration of his condition led to his passing, which has been devastating for us; however, we are forever grateful that we had the chance to love and care for this sweet boy. He was a gift that we will always remember.

We want to thank foster dad Mike Gregory for the exceptional care he provided to Rufus whenever his foster moms needed the support. Also, we want to thank Roz Brodsky for her continuous support during this very emotionally challenging time. Your support helped us get through this very difficult time.