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Candy Cane

Candy Cane has been adopted!

Sponsored in memory of Bailey loved by Cathy and Caroline


Candy Cane is a lovely Great Pyrenees mix, brought up from Tennessee. This Southern girl is adapting well to her new climate and absolutely loves to frolic in the snow. She is calm, cuddly and loves nothing more than to be loved. Her eyes reflect a loving, soulful girl. When she first arrived, she was quite unsure, giving waist hugs and burrowing her head into the chest of anyone who was nearby, but after a couple of weeks she is showing confidence and is coming out of her shell. She is house-trained and does well with the foster family’s smaller, female, alpha dog. Candy Cane is also good with the two resident cats and quite often lies down with one or the other. It took about a week of being hissed at to learn that the cats do not wish to be chased! She did not display prey drive towards them; just good old-fashioned fun!

Candy Cane does not guard her food or toys. Her foster mom can put her hand in the bowl while CC is eating, stop her to administer her antibiotic, can eat in front of her without incident and can remove a toy from her mouth. She habitually gives the ‘Pyr Paw’ which is a trait, common in Great Pyrenees in which the dog paws for attention. This could easily take out a young child and as such, she would not be suitable dog for a family with children under 12.

Candy Cane has learned and does well with routine. She enjoys two walks per day and does not pull on the leash. Sometimes on her walk, she encounters new situations and is unsure. She will sit and completely put on the brakes, stopping to process, and moving on when she is ready. This could be a truck driving by, someone putting their garbage out, etc. She greets strangers and new dogs on route, very well.

Candy Cane has such a loving personality and anyone would be lucky to be her companion for life.

Candy Cane, melted the hearts of her foster family (Beth, Caitlin and Sarah) who have adopted her and lovingly renamed her ‘Scout.’