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Campbell has been adopted!

Sponsored in memory of a true animal lover, Sal Bruni.



I’m Campbell and I recently arrived from a Tennessee shelter. I’m a 49lbs Mountain Cur with loads of energy and curiosity.

I’m neutered, in good health, fully vaccinated and microchipped. Foster mom says that I’m a brown eyed, brindled beauty with big, floppy ears that are soft as velvet. Although I’m a year old, it’s best to think of me like a puppy who’s learning everything from scratch.

I LOVE to be outside! My outdoor past-times include wrestling with my foster brother and chasing my “jolly ball” around the yard. I’m also learning to play fetch, but I can get distracted by the birds chirping and forget to bring the ball back.

Sometimes when I think no one’s looking, I try and grab myself a small bite of grass (soil included)! I also pick up small rocks and twigs and chew them too. I’m very gentle so it’s safe to put your hands in my mouth to remove things if necessary.

When it’s time to come inside, as long as I have something to chew on, I’ll entertain myself quietly. I like plush squeakers, rope toys and naturally shed antlers. If my bed is near a window and I can watch the world go by, that’s an added bonus. After awhile, if I get lonely or bored, I’ll bring a toy and “nudge” you to play tug of war with me. Just like a new puppy, if leave me unsupervised for too long I’ll probably get into something I shouldn’t.

I’m a good eater and love my food at meal time. When you put my bowl down I’ll wait patiently until you say “okay, take it”!

When it comes to my training I’m not always food (treat) motivated. That’s okay because I really love praise too!!! On the topic of food, I should warn you that leaving yummy things on the counter is an invitation for me to counter- surf. My new family will need to understand that I’m still learning to stay out of the kitchen.

I let my humans know when I need to go outside. I’ll whine or start to pant and I get restless. I haven’t had any accidents in the house. There were two incidents with “marking” when I first arrived. In my defense it was on patio furniture and the outdoor rug being stored in the unfinished basement. I was corrected and it hasn’t happened again.

I love belly scratches, back rubs and affection in general. If I’m allowed, I’ll jump on the couch, flop my head into your lap and cuddle. Foster mom says I’m only allowed on a specific couch in the family room and only when I’ve been invited. She also says I’m very smart because I’ve learned the word “off” and I only need an occasional reminder. If I’m not allowed on the couch at your house that’s okay, I also love to stretch out on my oversized dog bed.

At bedtime I like to be near my humans so my new family will need to have room for my bed in their bedroom. I won’t do well if I’m separated or crated on another floor. Speaking of crates, I’ll go into mine as a safe space for short periods of time. I might fuss a first, but I settle very quickly. With my high energy and exercise needs, I won’t do well being crated for long periods of time so l need a family where someone is home for most of the day, even after the stay at home orders are lifted.

Here’s a few other important things about me:

My new family will have to be patient with me. I’m like a “new puppy” who’s a little bit stubborn, and still in training,

I need a large, fenced yard, or farm where I can play and run freely, I’m not a city dog or an apartment dog. I’ll thrive in a rural, or quiet suburban setting.

I’m high energy with high exercise needs. I’m on my best behavior when I’m properly exercised and mentally stimulated. My new family must be able to commit a minimum of 1-2 hours per day for exercise. Without this I get restless and anxious. If I’m bored and just left alone in the yard, don’t be surprised when I dig a few holes.

I’m still learning recall but I know my basic commands (sit, down, stay, off). I’m also like a curious puppy and sometimes I get distracted. I’ll need a family who has the time and patience to continue my training.

On walks I’m very curious about all the smells and sounds and I’m learning not to pull. I have an athletic build and I’m very strong so my forever family will need to continue my leash training. If they don’t have experience with this, training classes will be very helpful.

I’m agile and fast and I take the stairs two at a time. I’ll do best in a home with older children.

I’m good with other dogs and love to play. Another dog in the home should be at least medium sized. With my prey drive, I’m not well suited to a home with small animals and I’m not tested with cats.

Campbell was lovingly fostered by Robin