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Cami has been adopted!



Meet Cami! Cami is what we called a Nordic mix, but she looks like a shepherd/collie mix. Coming from a remote, Northern community where she was affectionately known as MooMoo, she’s now finding comfort on a plush couch in London where she is enjoying some serious naps while searching for her forever family!

Before coming into our care, she spent most of her life outside so there’s a lot of new things she’s learning about being a dog. For example, she had never used stairs or slept in a dog bed before this but she’s a super quick learner. Once she saw her foster siblings going up and down the stairs she followed their lead and has been going up and down them ever since. She isn’t big on toys – yet – but her foster mom thinks that’s because she’s never really had them before so she doesn’t know what to do with the toys. She also never was on a leash with a collar, as she was free roaming, so she’s learning how to walk on a leash for the first time. She does need a family who will be willing to help her learn this skill and work with her on it. She currently is using a Martingale collar as she sometimes tries to retreat/back out of the collar so this makes it so she can’t get out of it. Her foster home is also using an easy walk harness with a front clip attachment so it helps with walking her. For being an outdoor dog for most of her life, she’s adapting incredibly well to being inside.

But enough of that – she’s really just the sweetest dog! She has shown zero signs of food aggression (she drinks and eats out of the same bowls as her foster siblings). She loves other dogs (foster siblings are 80lbs and 30lbs) and plays really well with them. She is still a little hesitant to get in and really play, so she’s more like the supervisor but she loves following them around the house. She also really loves her people – she wants to be close to her people at all times. She is great in a crate; she does prefer a treat to get her in there at first but once in there she lays down and is super quiet. Her foster home is crating her over night and when we leave the house. So far she hasn’t barked or shown her voice. She’s very gentle with eating and taking food from your hand, and has learned to sit for treats.

Cami is also just learning her name as she didn’t have a name for most of her life. She has already learned how great a dog bed is and the great luxury of napping on the couch in the afternoon.

Cami would need a family with patience to continue working with her as she learns what it means to be a family dog. Some obedience training would be beneficial for her.  Due to her size, it would be recommended she goes to a home with older children. Cami likes to explore the backyard, and although she isn’t an excitable dog it’s recommended she has backyard that is completely fenced in. She would also benefit from a fairly active family who will take her for long walks, hikes or other adventures. So far, she hasn’t shown to be overly excitable and looks to the resident dog for guidance for what to do in the house. She would do well in a home with another dog who can be a leader, or as an only dog with a family who can work on training with her. She will make a wonderful companion!

Cami was lovingly fostered by Amanda