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Callie has been adopted!

Sponsored in memory of Minnie


Callie was adopted by a three time Save Me adopter and Callie was a perfect fit for their family!

Callie is a sweet tiny girl who loves to be busy.

She loves to run around and explore the house and yard. She enjoys going for walks and gets very excited when she sees the leash come out. She is always excited to greet new people. She does well with other dogs and fits right in.

She’s done well with her house training lessons and rarely has accidents now. She LOVES food. For such a tiny girl, she has a big appetite. She pushes her way to the front when treats are being handed out! She is a good watch dog, often alerts her foster family when cars come into the driveway. She’s quiet for the most part, but is vocal when she hears doorbells, even if they’re ok tv!